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Principal Sponsors

Hubby and I were invited to stand as Principal Sponsors to our niece’s wedding next month. It’s an honor really to be given such an opportunity to attest to the love story of the young couple who will be entering a new chapter in their lives as husband and wife. I remember A (our niece) was only 12 years old when hubby and I got married 22 years ago and now we are going to be their Ninong and Ninang. By the way, A’s parents also served as our witness when we had our civil wedding in 1996.

Our daughter will also be at A’s entourage as one of the bridesmaids.

In the Philippines, couples who are about to get married usually get their aunts and uncles as their Ninong and Ninang. In the absence of close relatives, couples get the close friends of the family.

Basically, Principal Sponsors serve as witness to the wedding ceremony. But the most important role the Ninongs and Ninangs do is to give support, guidance, and wisdom to the couple over the course of their married lives.

All About Wedding Dresses – A Great Verity Is Available

wedding dressNothing is more important for a girl than her wedding dress. Every girl wants to look just perfect on her wedding day and that is the reason wedding dress is the most important thing in any wedding. Girls prefer different kinds of wedding dresses. Here we are discussing just a few of them.

Ball gown wedding dresses are really popular among the girls, who are looking for a traditional look for their wedding. Some girls prefer to wear floor length princess wedding dresses for a royal look. These kind of dresses are perfect for those girls, who are not only slim but tall too. If a girl want a modern look for her wedding day, she should go for A- line strapless or off shoulder wedding dress. Other than these mermaid dresses are also very popular for wedding. These wedding dresses are available in different materials, but most popular ones are organza, tulle, satin and chiffon.

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