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A Blog with Substance Award

Thank you Marce Seiko, Mommy Jac and Mommy Mylene for this virtual award.



THE rule of the award:

Thank the blogger who awarded it to you.
Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words. example: WRITE HEART PEOPLE LIVE HAPPY
Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

I am sharing this award to the lovely passersby… everyone deserves this award! 🙂

I love Mother Earth tag


This tag originates from Mommy Jac of Mom’s Special Diary. One year ago, Jac posted and share this badge to her fellow bloggers as her way of reminding us to do our share to help save and protect Mother Earth.

Here’s the rules:
~Click the badge and get the code then put the logo on your blog sidebar and post.
~Tell us what is your contribution to our planet? You live here for surely you’ve got something to share!! Post any pictures or share some of your ideas on how to help and save out planet Earth.
~Post this rules.
~Share this meme-tag to as many Blogger as you can think.

*** I re-use plastic or bottle containers at home. This way my household don’t add up to the burden of garbage management in my city; I turn off the lights when they are not in use; most of the light bulbs that we use at home are energy savers; except for important assignments, we don’t allow kids to stay as long as they want in front of the computer.

I’m now sharing this tag to all responsible inhabitants of Mother Earth, that means YOU! Come on grab the tag now and do your share. Show that you care. 🙂

Beautiful blogger award

I got another award from two beautiful and sexy mommy bloggers from Japan, Bambie otherwise known as Anzu’s mom and Marce Seiko. Thanks, Bams and marce for remembering me.  🙂

Before posting these award there are some rules that you need to do
♥ Thank and link the person who gave you the award.
♥ Pass this award to 15 bloggers.
♥Let them know that they are the recipient of the award .
♥State 7 things about yourself.
7 things about Yami:
I’m a shy type of person (di lang halata)
I’m a couch potato. (singlaki ko na couch namin)
I love pizza. (and the fat-causing ingredients that goes with it)
I’m a procrastinator. (may mamaya pa nanan)
I rush into things (kapag gusto kong gawin ang isang bagay without giving it much thought).
I’m hopeless romantic (kinikilig pa rin sa romantic movies)
I worry less about life. (because I leave everything up to Him)

I’m sharing this award to all beautiful people passing this site.