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Save on electric bill this summer

With the sweltering heat of summer, you can’t survive without your electric fan on, or your air conditioner unit set to the highest temperature. However, frequent use of these appliances will surely hurt your pockets. But if you want to save on electric bill this summer, here’s what you can do. Instead of setting the fan on high speed on humid days, set the fan speed on low to remove moisture from air. It will cool your room better.

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As for airconditioner, turn the unit at comfortable room temperature which is about 24 degrees Celsius. Turning the aircon on at colder setting than normal will result in excessive cooling and unnecessary expense. If you want to save some more on electric bill, you can set up a patio umbrella in your yard. It will keep your home cool because it traps heat from coming in. Large umbrellas are also perfect for family picnic.

Things to look for when you hire air conditioning repair services

If you’re dealing with problems with your air conditioning unit, you might be hoping that you can find a good air conditioning repair service to help you get your unit back up and running. With so many different HVAC companies to choose from, though, it can be hard to make the choice. These are some of the top things that you’ll want to look for when searching for a company to hire your air conditioning repair needs.

Prompt Service

Perhaps the number one thing that you’ll want to look for in an HVAC company is prompt service. If there’s something wrong with your air conditioning unit, then you and your family will probably be miserable until it’s up and running. That’s especially true during hot and humid Florida summers. Finding someone who can handle your air conditioning repair in Fort Myers, FL quickly will help you get your home cool and comfortable a whole lot sooner.

Affordable Pricing

You probably can’t afford to spend an arm and a leg on getting your air conditioning system back up and running. Therefore, it’s important to look for a company that offers affordable services. For one thing, you can start by looking for a company that doesn’t charge extra service charges for coming out on the weekends or on holidays, which is common among many air conditioning companies.

A Good Reputation

Even if you’re looking to save a little money on your air conditioning repair, you shouldn’t choose a company that doesn’t have a good reputation. Otherwise, you have to worry about shoddy work and other problems. Instead, look for a heating and air conditioning company that has a good reputation for good customer service and good work. You will probably also want to look for things like a company that is insured and licensed.

Concern About Energy Efficiency

It’s important to make sure that your air conditioning system is working efficiently. This saves you money and is better for the environment. Choosing a heating and air conditioning company that has a focus on energy efficiency is the best bet.

Don’t just hire anyone to work on your heating and air conditioning system. Instead, look for these things when hiring someone for air conditioning repair, and you can help ensure that things go smoothly.

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Mom’s energy-saving tips


Here are some energy-saving tips for you moms:

a. With the impending water shortage, we can reuse laundry water for cleaning the car and garage, watering plants, and for flushing the toilet, etc.

b. Hang the clothes outside to save on electricity.

c. Cook outside the main house.

d. Use washing machine at night when lesser appliance is being used.

e. Turn off and unplug appliances when not in use.

f. Visit parks instead of going to the mall to avoid unwanted spending.

How about you mommies, what other tips can you share to conserve water/energy?

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