The indomitable human spirit

yolanda aftermath

watching the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda on television is just too much to bear. I cried for the parents who are painstakingly looking for their little ones. I shed tears for the children who were at a loss searching for their loved ones. Its just an overwhelming sight to see…there’s nothing we can do to alleviate the pain of losing a loved one. But we can utter a prayer of healing for them right now and for the repose of souls of those who perished from the calamity. Let’s also pray for the survivors who came to the aid of the other victims. Prayers goes to the men and women members of the rescue and relief programs who are doing the best they can to reach the affected areas despite the absence of power and communication line…

it’ll take time before survivors heal from the physical and emotional trauma, but I always believe in the indomitable human spirit…

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