The Best Way to Start the Year Right: DIET

Somebody from the office gave hubby this Hollywood Cookie Diet. Does the giver know I need something like this? I did not visit my former office for two years now? No one from PJI, except my husband, has seen me as big as this. I want them to remember the slimmer Miriam.  🙂

The box contains 12 meal replacement cookies, or let say, a three-day supply for the serious-weight watchers. But, hey, it is only one box. I might be needing tons of this to shed my excess pounds. Oh, boy.

cookie diet

So what do the experts say about this chocolate chip cookie diet?

The First Delicious Way to Lose Weight.

Eat a cookie – Skip a meal.

Lose weight with delicious meal replacement cookies.

Each cookie is wrapped individually for eating on the go. You can take a cookie with you to the office, on the road, on the plane, to the gym, or anywhere else you go.

– Delicious

– No Trans Fat

– Convenient and Easy

– Lose and Maintain Weight

– And it works!

Perfect for active individuals, busy professionals, anyone who wants to lose weight.

We know that to lose weight, we have to restrict calorie intake. But that is easier said than done. When hunger strikes, diets fail.


The Hollywood Cookie Diet works by satisfying your hunger while providing essential vitamins and minerals. Each cookie is a delicious meal. The Hollywood Cookie Diet is a good source of fiber and protein and contains more than 13 vitamins and minerals.

It may be the last diet you will ever need because you can use the Hollywood Cookie Diet for as long as you want until you achieve your weight loss goals.

Jumpstart your weight loss with the Hollywood 24 Hour Miracle

Suggested Use

Enjoy four cookies per day in place of breakfast and lunch.

A suggested schedule is one cookie for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, and mid-afternoon snack. Eat a sensible dinner. (4 A Day)

Exercise regularly- it is best for your heart and good for your figure.


There is other information here if you want to discover for yourself how these diet cookies work. But before you do health experts, warn prospective dieters, always consult a physician before beginning any weight loss program. 

Meanwhile, they cautioned pregnant women, lactating moms, diabetics, taking medication, or have a medical condition, to avoid eating these cookies.

If I am serious about losing weight, I need to exercise and watch what I eat. If I consider exercise, that would be physically taxing since I can not move as fast as I should. I need to cut down my carbohydrate intake, especially rice. I also need to take enough rest. A six-hour of sleep a day is not bad for a busy mom like me. Now, I have something to look forward to in 2010, something to work hard for the New Year. 

I should begin motivating myself and set a goal. I have made my mantra this morning. 

“I am aware that I’m stout. I will begin to exercise and watch my diet. I will do this for my health. I will do this for the love of my family. And so it is!”

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