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What You Need To Know About Window Sash Hardware

Residential windows allow light into the home and provide a sizeable decorative element. However, inconvenience mounts when windows do not work as intended, and you might face the prospect of window repair. Although window hardware can include items that function around the window, like drapery rods and holdbacks, the hardware often centers around window sash hardware for window repairs. These components play a role in allowing the window to close and open easily. Understanding the function of the three common types of window sash hardware parts can help you in your endeavor to get your windows working correctly.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

1. Crank Handles

Sash windows have moveable parts that use a pulley system to allow the glass panels to slide over one another as they open and close. In contrast, hinges function as the pivot point for opening and closing casement windows. Furthermore, casement windows utilize crank handles to allow people to open and close the window easily. The handles consist of a rotating arm and a handle that gets grasped to unlock the window to open or close it. Many types of crank handles exist. For example, custom window hardware Rush NY experts might recommend specific sizes of arms and handles to best work with your unique window needs. Furthermore, they come in an assortment of metals and finishes to work with any interior decor style.

2. Cam Locks

Cam locks utilize a handle and hook mechanism that lock together, allowing you to secure your sliding window. A sash window cam lock often gets attached to the top of the moving glass panel to keep sash windows closed. Casement windows, which have only one sash, do not always utilize this locking mechanism, but other systems commonly exist for locking casement windows.

3. Lift Rails

Lift rails run across the horizontal expanse of the window sash and function to help open and close sash windows. On the other hand, crank handles more commonly serve the same purpose on casement windows.

Window repair professionals can offer expert guidance for the parts needed for your window repairs.