Giving Your Pump System a Boost

A pump is a mechanical device used to move fluids such as oil, water, chemicals, and more. It provides vertical lift. Pumps are a necessity in many fields of work, such as oil refineries, lift stations, mining, sewer, and septic work, among others. In addition, pumps are a necessary tool in clean-up efforts; these devices have to be solid and dependable to support the daily jobs they are required to do and keep fluids moving quickly.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps work by removing gas molecules or air particles from a sealed system. This creates a change in pressure that allows liquids to then flow through the pump or pipe system. Creating a pressure vacuum makes transferring all kinds of fluids very easy. You can make this process even more efficient by adding a power booster, which is a device made to do just that: boost the rate at which a fluid moves through the system.

The Benefits of Power Booster

This engineering marvel has different benefits; each of them seeks to help save time and money and make the job of cleaning up or moving essential liquids easier. 

Here are three benefits of using a power booster in a pump system.

1. They’re quick. The primary purpose of a power booster is to get things moving. So when your team turns on the pump, they will be able to increase productivity, saving a lot of time and money. This is especially true in disaster clean-up efforts when resources may be limited.

2. They’re compact. The typical power booster weighs about 10 pounds and is made with lightweight materials. This makes them easy to move and pack.

3. They’re powerful. Fast and compact doesn’t mean being weak, and the opposite is true with power boosters. They can be used with various types of systems and in different industries for varying purposes without letting anyone down.

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