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My Journey to better health: A Realization

Stay fit and healthy? That’s easier said than done. But if you are properly motivated to achieve your goal, nothing is impossible.

When I was working I strived hard to keep myself fit. I managed to eat cooked oatmeal and banana for dinner. But my healthy lifestyle and eating habits took a nosedive when I started working online. Now, I’m no longer conscious of what I eat; I sleep late at night, and have become sickly. I’ve packed on the pounds for the past five years, too.

I know I have to put an end to my misery. I don’t want to stay like this (heavy) forever.

Last month, a dear friend of mine encouraged me to join a weight loss program. She knew what I’ve been going through and she wanted to help pull me out of the doldrums of my misery for good.

Last week, I started my personal journey to lose weight – one small but sure step at a time.

Executive check-up: The beginning

A group of bloggers including myself met at the MediCard Lifestyle Center in Makati for an executive checkup. This is a requirement for the month-long weight challenge called C-lium Fibre Lose More, Live More Bloggers’ Edition.

I had my BMI (Body Mass Index) test taken by the Center’s nutritionist Diana Lodriguito. You compute for the BMI by dividing your weight by your height squared. The higher the result, the more overweight you are.

At five feet, I weigh 163 lbs, and have a waist line of 40 inches, so that means I have a 32.1 BMI score. The ideal weight for my height, according to Lodriguito is between 95 and 116 lbs or 43 to 53 kilograms. By the end of the weight loss challenge next month, I should have shed a couple of pounds already.

The nutritionist also recommends the amount and type of food that I should eat based on the inverted food pyramid. This means I have to begin taking the right food in moderation. (No more extra servings of rice from now on.)

In keeping with the food guide, Lodriguito recommends brisk walking everyday for at least 30 minutes or 3 hours per week. I started brisk walking the other day and I’m beginning to like it (despite the leg pain).

A big part of being healthy is getting enough rest and sleep everyday. The nutritionist suggests seven hours of sleep everyday if I intend to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A blood sample was also taken on the same day to determine cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Results furnished by MediCard show that my cholesterol and blood sugar levels are within the normal range. I guess the “only” problem I have to deal with for now is to lose the excess 40 pounds (of fat) off my body.

The treadmill Stress test, which is the last of the series of tests conducted by MediCard, was the most difficult one for me. Not only because it was my first time to step on and use a treadmill, but also because I can hardly cope with the pace of brisk walking. Despite the hurdle, I was able to pass stage two of the test.

The stress test is a real eye-opener for me. It motivates me to take the weight loss program seriously not just for myself, but for the people I care for.

My partner in this journey to a healthy lifestyle is C-Lium Fibre. I take it twice daily with my favorite juice drink to supplement my daily fiber requirements, as fiber is important in lowering blood sugar levels and eliminating excess fats.

To know more about the health benefits of C-Lium, visit and like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Clium and http://www.clium.com.ph/ for the C-Lium Lose More, Live More website.