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Oh dear. My being so forgetful is getting worse each day. While I’m doing my translation job I find it difficult to remember the Tagalog translation for some simple English words that I’m repeatedly using all throughout the project. The project requires us to strictly follow the glossary provided for us. What is happening to me? Could it be part of the irreversible ageing process a.k.a. sign of old age? :(  But at this point, I don’t want my “forgetfulness” to delay the things or job that I want to accomplish. So to make life easier for me, I use this post-it-note tool (one of the features of Microsoft 2010) to list down all the simple words and their translation on my desktop to keep them handy when I need them. Good thing I don’t forget to visit www.supplementcritic.com today for my review on a certain slimming product. You see, I still manage to write reviews for my blogs in between my hectic schedule for my other job. I maybe forgetful, but it doesn’t stop me from performing more than one task at the same time. Is it what other mommies are calling it, multi-tasking? Well, you can call me a forgetful multi-tasker. 😀