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A space of her own

The kids are still sharing a room with us even if there is a separate room intended for them. So you can imagine the clutter inside our room. Since I’m busy with other things around the house I gave them the simplest task of tidying up our room. They don’t have to mop the floor or dust the furniture. Those are the tasks they have to learn one of these days.

One day, my daughter said she doesn’t want her stuff to be arranged because there is something in disarray books and papers that she draws inspiration to study or draw well. Although she promised to fix her things in her own phase as soon as she finished studying or drawing.

Is that a sign of independence already? She’s a big girl now and doesn’t want to be dictated even with matters concerning personal hygiene. The other day I gave her simple tips on how to remove pimples but she simply shrugged her shoulders. She doesn’t care much about how she looks. All that she cares for now is her studies and how to improve her drawing.