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CC: Old Habits

There are really bad habits that I wish I can get rid of or at least lessen this new year. I don’t want to call it New Year’s Resolution as I have the tendency to break my own rule or goal I set for myself. So what are these “bad” habits I’m talking about?

a. my tendency to yell when irritated at certain (if not all) situations.

b. I turn on the computer and check my email, assignment dashboard, etc., before I prepare breakfast especially during weekends.

c. hubby helps me in the laundry. basically, my part is to gather all the clean clothes in the clothesline and fold them and place them in their respective cabinets. but the folding took almost always a lifetime to finish. lol!

d. when I’m busy with online work, I tend to become passive that I (unintentionally) neglect the kids and hubby’s needs and some concerns at home.

e. i also have a bad habit of procrastinating.

So there, I wish to address these “bad” habits this year and stay and think positive as long as I can. 😀

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