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Celebrating Our Youngest’s College Graduation: A Month After

After overcoming the challenges brought by the pandemic and online classes, our child has successfully completed their degree in Multimedia Arts with flying colors. As proud parents, my husband and I are taking a moment of respite from the expenses and shifting our focus to other financial concerns.

School sash (sablay) and medal  

We are truly grateful for this milestone in our child’s life. #GratefulParents #BachelorOfMultimediaArts #GraphicDesign #CumLaude #CIITPhilippines”

Proud Mommy Moments

It was another emotional day for me. No, nothing bad happens on my end. I’m emotionally happy because my daughter got three awards during their Recognition Day. Her Dad and I are aware of the third honor award, but didn’t expect that she will be called for two more, for the Best in English and Best in Science awards. My daughter was wide-eyed when her name was called. All the late nights spent studying has paid off.

I tried to hold back my tears when I joined her to get her medals on stage. (I don’t want to make a scene of all places.) Now that I’m back with my online job reading some reference materials about testosterone booster, I still feel ecstatic about what happened this afternoon. I’m proud of my daughter for doing her best in school. I’m thankful to God for this blessing.