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Celebrating Our Youngest’s College Graduation: A Month After

After overcoming the challenges brought by the pandemic and online classes, our child has successfully completed their degree in Multimedia Arts with flying colors. As proud parents, my husband and I are taking a moment of respite from the expenses and shifting our focus to other financial concerns.

School sash (sablay) and medal  

We are truly grateful for this milestone in our child’s life. #GratefulParents #BachelorOfMultimediaArts #GraphicDesign #CumLaude #CIITPhilippines”

A Mom’s Thought on Graduation Day

Moms usually are very proud of their kids come graduation day. There are some moms though who might expect a lot from their children and they will not be happy if their son or their daughter won’t be able to get the highest honors that can possibly be bestowed upon them.

We all have to remember that every child would like to graduate whether they admit it or not. There is still something about putting a smile on their parent’s face especially their mom the moment that they come up on stage to get their diploma. A mom should always be thankful for that that their kids would like to show their appreciation too by the simple things that they can do such as attending graduation day.