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Job hunting


Are you searching for a new job right now? I found this unique site online that provides job alerts and resources to job seekers. When you type retail job in the keyword search box, you will be redirected to a page that says there are 80,000 matches to the word that you are looking for, which means there are thousands of job opportunities that you can apply for.

For example, ATT is looking for a full time retail sales consultant in New Jersey. If you reside somewhere in NJ, you can send in your resume and who knows you might be lucky to get the job in no time. Please remember to send them your impressive resume including honest information about yourself and your previous work experience. Good luck with your job-hunting!

Greener pastures

bilI learned from my husband that his younger brother is waiting for a job opportunity in Brunei. He has four kids and need a stable job to support his family in Gensan. My brother-in-law doesn’t have a degree in electrical engineering, but he has relevant experience as electrician for a long time.  He even got numerous contracts in his hometown for his expertise. Now he is looking forward to a challenging and good paying job abroad. Aside from installing and maintaining electrical and power system, he also knows something about material handling. So my BIL’s knowledge is not limited to an electrician’s job. I hope he could be given a chance to work abroad so he could secure the future of his family.