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Projects to Tackle Before Moving In

Moving into a new home can be exciting, yet stressful. It’s a chance to start over with new neighbors and learn a whole new area. Before moving all of your belongings into a new home, you should tackle a few important project first. 

Image by Laura Shaw from Pixabay


Many professional painters pride themselves on being able to get the job done quickly with as little mess as possible. However, a home filled with furnishings requires all of that to be moved prior to painting the walls and ceiling. The best time to put a new coat of paint on the walls is when the home is empty. By taking the time prior to move-in, you’ll spare the painter hassle and your possessions the accidental drips of paint.


Whether your new house has dated carpet or you want to have the smooth look of wood floors, one of the best times to get this project done is before movers perrysburg oh pack the house full of boxes and furniture. Once all of those items are placed in the house, they would have to be relocated in order to alter the type of flooring. Home owners that don’t allow the time before moving often live with the undesired flooring for many years before tackling the project.


Families with small children or pets know the value of a good, sturdy fence. Not only do fences keep kids and pets in the yard, it also keeps stray animals and people from wandering onto the property. If your yard has no fence, then providing one is essential. If your yard has a dilapidated fence with many holes and openings, that can quickly become a safety issue. Plan to make the fence secure prior to moving to give you peace of mind once you arrive. 

The best time to get these home improvement projects done is before moving into the new residence. This plan will ultimately save time and money in the future. 

Fresh coat painting

Hubby and I are thinking of painting our boring-looking wall with light blue or green coat to bring our house to life. But I’m quite worried about the effect of paint to our health. The kids and I have allergic reaction to the strong odor of paint. We are easily irritated by the strong smell causing us to sneeze and cough. There are water-based paints that are odorless or nose-friendly, but we can’t manage to squeeze in a budget for that as they are expensive. With a minimal budget, we have to settle for cheaper alternative. Apart from painting, we are also planning to change the rusty window screens in the bedroom. I guess the more I think about house repair and maintenance the more I worry about the growing household expenses. This means we have to scrimp our budget some more and strike out line items that we can live without such as a brand new tv set with da lite screens.