Fresh coat painting

Hubby and I are thinking of painting our boring-looking wall with light blue or green coat to bring our house to life. But I’m quite worried about the effect of paint to our health. The kids and I have allergic reaction to the strong odor of paint. We are easily irritated by the strong smell causing us to sneeze and cough. There are water-based paints that are odorless or nose-friendly, but we can’t manage to squeeze in a budget for that as they are expensive. With a minimal budget, we have to settle for cheaper alternative. Apart from painting, we are also planning to change the rusty window screens in the bedroom. I guess the more I think about house repair and maintenance the more I worry about the growing household expenses. This means we have to scrimp our budget some more and strike out line items that we can live without such as a brand new tv set with da lite screens.

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