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When I lost my helper

I feel at a loss when our helper of several years bade us goodbye. For a long time, I trust the cleaning, laundry and taking care of the young kids to her. I still handle the budgeting and cooking stuff most of the time. I can leave the kids to her for a few days when I was assigned to cover an out-of-town event. Such was an easy arrangement for us until she decided to settle down. During that time, I was already thinking of resigning from work and her asking to leave was timely.

When the helper finally left, I thought I could handle everything with ease since the kids can do personal things on their own. I felt the burden of household chores after a few weeks. I thought I’ll never survive that episode. I was thankful and still am to a wonderful husband for coming to my rescue.

With my husband’s help, I was able to learn more here that I need to manage my time well, one task at a time, to accomplish something for a day.