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Hearty meal




They love my spaghetti!

This is my first time to use penne rigate pasta for spaghetti. I got the pack with spaghetti sauce for only P99 or a little over $2. The two cans of tuna cost less than $1. It’s an easy cook meal actually. While waiting for the pasta to cook, sauté garlic and onion in a separate pan. Add in tuna flakes, simmer for a few minutes and then put in the sauce. My spaghetti is ready in less than 30 minutes.

I rarely served spaghetti for dinner. But the kids requested for it and who am I to turn down my angels? They were at the dining table even before the spaghetti is ready. They had a hearty meal. I wish I could resist the temptation of eating too, but the flesh is weak. lol. Oh, quick weight loss pills, where art thou? 😀

My entry for Mommy Willa’s

Beef Menudo, sliced Green Mango and Shrimp paste

I prepared beef menudo for our lunch yesterday (Sunday).  The ingredients are 1/2 kilo beef sirloin, diced potato, diced carrots, red bell pepper, Mama Sita menudo mix, potted meat, tomato sauce and beef stock.  I’m sure many of you already know how to cook this dish. 🙂


This mouth-watering Mango and spicy shrimp paste served as appetizer.


My entry for Food Trip Friday.