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My first ‘kilig’ date

The whole month of January is going to be tough for GT players, why? We are exposing ourselves to public scrutiny err husband inquiry LOL. Thanks to the thought-provoking themes created by Marce Niko about the ‘firsts’ in our lives. 😀

I went on a date (my first) when I was in third year high school (without my mom’s consent). But I was not alone; I was accompanied by my cousin Cez. I forgot about the title of the movie, but I still remember the movie house. I know what’s playing on your mind, but the date was wholesome. No hanky-panky whatsoever. He he. Kinekerbiyos (nervous) na nga ako eh. The guy was still courting me during those times so he’d better behave or else.

You want to know his name? Remember my first crush in elementary and first admirer in high school? Both names start with A. Allan, Aldrin? This time, my first date was named Alfred. He was four years my senior. The guy es muy simpatico y guapo. But I’m glad I didn’t end up with him. Don’t ask why? 🙂

Marce Niko, I made it. Yey! Mahirap yung theme next week baka mag-absent na lang ako hehe.