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Getting old

I’m looking for materials on ageing because a lady friend has requested for it. She is turning a year older on Friday and she wants to write a blog post about getting old and what to expect when the person is on that stage already. Well, my friend is not really that old to look at except for some obvious signs such as streaks of grey hair and fine lines. Sometimes she admits she looks and feels like it (old age), but she claims she will always be young at heart and mind.

Adding years to her age doesn’t mean she is forgetful although at times I reprimand her for missing an important file. I always tell her to have an online backup of all her files because nobody knows when her laptop will lock up or crashes.

Anyway, since it’s her special day on Friday I requested her to rest or maybe have time for herself. She can’t commit because she said she might be busy with some new job.

She wants me to tell her online friends whom she has not seen or visited for a long time that she is missing them. She became super duper busy when opportunities started coming in. Don’t tell her that I told you but she is a poor time manager.  She can’t balance her time for herself, family and friends. Now many of her new found friends don’t visit her as much. I can’t blame them. She lost touch with them. I just hope they understand her.

This is getting lengthy already. All I want to say is that I hope this lady will have more time for other things except blogging. Get a life girl! And happy birthday in advance! Love you! 🙂