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In retrospect on my birthday

It will be my birthday a few days from now.  At this stage of my life, I only wish for simple things, good health and more years to see through my children raise their own family.  I may not be that old, but there are health issues that need to be addressed to achieve a life that I wish for. While I’m working on my personal health goals, I’m trying to steer clear of unpleasant things, situations, and even people that would bring out unnecessary stress.

Photo by Dan Prado from Pexels

Me time is all that I ask for my birthday.  I just want to stay at home and enjoy watching new shows on Netflix. I want to free my mind of worries for a moment while lounging on the couch or lie in bed with that super soft Foam By Mail cushion. (In retrospect, the closed cell foam sheets in our bed have also helped a lot in easing out the muscle and joint pains.)

Cheers to 49!

Birthday cake

A simple birthday cake for my eldest who turned 18 this month.


This was taken at Rocca Ristorante located at the 8th floor of Torre Venezia Suites. I’ve mentioned here that the family will spend the night in a hotel to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. We didn’t get the chance to celebrate, as in dine out on the day of her birthday. So, I decided to surprise her with this yummy cake. I’ve made an arrangement with the reservation personnel of the hotel if I could order a cake and served it after breakfast. (Thanks to the restaurant manager and her staff for buying the cake for me).

My daughter was surprised when the cake was served on our table and everyone in the restaurant (there were two or three families in the dining area) sang Happy Birthday. It doesn’t happen everyday that we get to surprise our loved ones. I hope the simple gesture made my daughter happy on her 18th birthday.

On your 18th birthday my dear daughter

my baby

(Sabi ko sa sarili ko hindi ako mag-e-emo while writing this, but couldn’t help it. Ang hirap ‘di maging emotional if you are writing about the people dear to you.)

Dad and I are happy that you have grown to be a good person. We haven’t had any issues with you regarding your studies and choice of friends. You have adjusted to college life pretty well. We hope that you’ll be able to ace your thesis subject this term. One more term and you’ll be in third year. Parang kailan lang, worried pa kami ni Daddy that you might have difficulty adjusting to college life.

Ang reason talaga kung bakit ako emo – hindi ka namin mabigyan ng kahit simpleng birthday party man lang to celebrate your 18th birthday. We know how important 18th birthday is to a young woman. We can only afford to treat you to a simple salo-salo. Pang-family lang talaga. Thankfully, you understand and you’re okay with it. However, we are lucky enough that Dad was able to secure an over-night hotel accommodation for the four of us. Bihira lang ang libreng hotel accommodation so we have to use it soon.

Just like in your previous birthdays, Dad and I wish and pray for your health and wisdom, that you’ll be able to finish your studies and reach your dream.

Happy birthday, bebeh ko! You will always be mommy’s baby girl. I love you!