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Emotional intelligence

I’m not sure how it is calculated. But if there’s someway to measure it, I would definitely get a low or the lowest score. LOL! I am emotional and afraid to admit it could lead me to something not good. My emotions sometimes prevail over situations that need mature judgment. My emotions had led me to some unpleasant situations in the past and I haven’t got over some of those issues until now. I’m a cry baby and easily affected by the slightest thing or situation that happen before my eyes. I’m just thankful that my husband is always there to support me and offer a shoulder to cry on. Some friends are also there for me when the load is too heavy to bear. Ang bigat naman ng post na ito. LOL! On a positive note, mababaw naman ang happiness ko, friends from way back can attest to that. 😀

What is your EI Quotient? Try the short test that I saw here to find out. 🙂