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Breakfast in bed

I haven’t experienced that kind of queenly treatment from my husband, lately. But I do get the royal treatment when I’m sick and the first few hours after I gave birth to the children. He would literally feed me or let me drink water when I can’t even sit up to eat on my own. He offers medicine and reminds me when it’s time to take them. But sometimes he gets too panicky that he would like me to wear a finger pulse oximeter just to be sure that I feel fine. He would assist me to the comfort room to do my ritual when I’m too dizzy to wash up. I felt like a small child being attended to by a doting father (one that I don’t grow up with).

He is not the sweet type of person but has his own discreet way of showing his undying love for me tehee. He makes his presence felt when I need him. He shows what kind of a man and husband that he truly is. Sometimes it feels good when I’m a little under the weather (I don’t wish to be sick though) because I can make little requests here and there from him which he pays attention to. Even when I’m not sick, hubby treats me like a queen. I’m sure many of you can relate to this. My better half helps around the house and sometimes literally takes charge of the things I’m supposed to be doing at home. Isn’t he the sweetest husband around? I can have my way if I want to but I don’t want him to feel that somebody is abusing the kindness of someone. Breakfast in bed? Hmm I’m thinking of giving him one today.

How about you, how often do you or your husband serve your breakfast in bed? Share it with us at Marce Liz’s Couple’s Corner.

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