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Bedtime habit

Although it’s a bit late, I’m glad I was able to join Couple’s Corner this week which theme was about bedtime habits. It’s a common practice for hubby and me to take a shower before going to bed. Our kids are also accustomed to have sponge bath every night or if they are too sleepy to clean up, they make sure they changed into something more comfortable. They drink their milk and brush their teeth before sleeping. They also say their prayers at night.

Hubby and I follow the same routine every night. As far as sleeping position is concerned, I sleep in fetal position with my back facing my husband. While in this position, hubby would wrap his arms around me as if assuring me of his “undying” love lol. We were in that position until we dozed off. Sometimes we love to sleep on the far side of the bed.

I read something about the sleeping positions of couples and what it tells about their relationship. I don’t seem to agree with the meaning of some positions in relation to the personality of couples. There are sleeping positions that you and your partner  do not feel doing, like sleeping face to face. I’m not comfortable with it because I can’t seem to breathe properly when my face is so close to hubby’s.

I wish to share more, but I feel so sleepy right now. Read more about Couple’s Corner here.

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