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Late sleepers

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The kids are still used to sleeping late. They should have started changing their sleep pattern this week otherwise they will have difficulty waking up on time once school begins a week from now. They could listen to music on their cellphone all they want as long as their sleep will not get interrupted by the loud sound emanating from their wireless microphone headset.

They always reason out that they are big enough to know when to go to bed, but they need enough hours of sleep to get them alert in school. I just don’t know how to convince them to sleep early. Do you have any suggestions?

Time for yourself

You’ll get your hands full in a few days because it’s back to school season again. You’ll wake up early to cook and prepare the kids for school. You may catch a few minutes to an hour of sleep when the kids are at school, but you can only do this after cleaning and tidying up the house. Will you have time for yourself? Of course, you do. It’s a matter of time management (as my friends always say).

After the cleaning is done, you can put in a movie to watch, or enjoy the book that you’ve been planning to read while listening to the soothing sound in the background. You don’t need to buy Behringer instruments to enjoy a great sound within the confines of your own home. You can run errands and get yourself a little something. You can fix your favorite food, too if you are in the mood to cook. You can add a lot of other activities to your list. The possibilities are endless.