Snacking on strawberries


I bought two packs of strawberries for P100 at the Commonwealth Market last week. It’s rare that I get to see strawberries sold at the fruit stand so the minute that I saw them, I readily grabbed two packs. 🙂

I read from an article that strawberries are perfect summer snack and can make a person slimmer. Nutritionists said strawberries are so light on calories and full in nutrients, from omega 3 to cancer-fighting polyphenols. Weight-loss coaches said a half a cup of strawberries provides over 70 percent of daily Vitamin C, fiber and collection of antioxidants. This has been proven effective so I don’t have to search for the best weight loss pills in the market. All I need to think about now is calculate how many kilos of strawberries I need to consume in order to achieve its slimming effect. 😀


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