Owning a car/travel tips from a doctor’s point of view

My kids’ pediatrician and I were discussing about our respective kids. Her eldest daughter, who is studying pre-med in one of the oldest schools in Manila, has been requesting them (she and her husband who is also a practicing physician) to buy her a car so it will be easier for her to go to school.

Our pedia said she and her husband declined their daughter’s request after weighing the pros and cons. She said having a new car or an additional car to maintain is expensive. And they are looking at the practical and safe side of traveling by public transportation, especially, bus.

She said if her daughter drives her own car and met an accident, assistance may not come right away. Whereas, if she rides a bus or a jeepney and an accident happens, there will be more people to offer immediate help to their daughter (or someone will have to report the incident to  TAC Lawyer in legal cat for insurance claims).

One thought on “Owning a car/travel tips from a doctor’s point of view

  1. hitokirihoshi

    i agree with them. nangangarap din akong magka-car pero kung yun ay for luxury lang muna and wa pa pera. mahirap makipasapalaran. laging may oil hike, car accident and other crimes na may kinalaman dito. effort ang commute pero mas tipid in a way at exercise na rin.


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