Lovely Embellishments for the Home

I love to decorate my home with beautiful décor and lovely displays, may that be a stack of books juxtaposed with an antique frame or a bunch of colorful fresh flowers in an equally vibrant and interesting vase. They not only add instant color and lively touch to my living quarters, but they also lend a very happy vibe and friendly atmosphere to my abode.

Of course, I try not to go overboard with decorations otherwise they will probably defeat the purpose of placing these decorations in the first place and make my home such an eyesore instead, but, although I won’t be tossing a few solitaire engagement rings as home ornaments anytime soon, I make it a point to choose which décor to put in specific locations where they will work well with my existing interior design.

2 thoughts on “Lovely Embellishments for the Home

  1. imriz

    did u know that a friend of mine who would visit our place had said, “your house looks like a flea market”…
    i didn’t get offended. i tried to make sense out of her judgment. looking at our place, i see lots of whatknots, diy stuff, stuffs everywhere…maybe it doesn’t pass her standard 🙂

    1. Yami Post author

      Sis, mabuti sis flea market lang, organized pa rin. 😀 Naku, kami feeling ko, we’re like living inside a trash can sa kalat. waaah! 😀


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