In support of my friends Kaye and Pehpot’s contest

Tomorrow, I promised my husband and my kids that I will see our family doctor to check on my swollen feet. I can also feel backache now. I hope this is nothing serious. I hope some medicine will just make all these symptoms go away. I can’t afford to be sick, not when we are cash strapped and my kids are very young to take care of themselves. My husband needs my support also. He’s the only one working for all of us four. Anyway, so much of my personal ramblings.

I’m writing this campaign for my Marces’ ongoing blog contest. I may not be able to write the reviews of the major sponsors to qualify as participant, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be of help to you guys. I will do my best to help promote the contest that will end on Feb. 28. I hope my Marce Kaye and Pehpot will understand me for this (nahihiya nga ako sa inyo guys if you know what I mean). However, I have so many things running on my mind right now including my edema (which I will try to find out the cause by visiting our doctor tomorrow). By the way, I’m one of the sponsors of the said contest.

For you dear readers/visitors out there.  Here’s the cool way to join the biggest blog contest this year. You should be able to blog about the contest. Now to qualify, you should review the major sponsors of the contest. Not only that Pehpot and Kaye are giving away lots of extra paypal cash for those who have finished the requirements ahead of the other participants.




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