Happy 101

Happiness is the soundtrack of my life.  ~Grey Livingston

I was tagged by Marce K and Mommy Mylene. Thank you  ladies. 🙂


Ten things that make me happy:

1. Neru

2. Naomi

3. Khalil

4. Work (for hubby)

5. Health

6. Online friends

7. Good news

8. Opportunities

9. Conversations/chat

10. Quiet moment

I would like to share this tag to all my fellow mommy and lady friends.


5 thoughts on “Happy 101

  1. pehpot

    Hi Marce! magtetex sana ako eh, kaso naupo na ako sa harap ng pc hehe.. I am planning to visit you, kailan ba pede?

    o nga pala I am waiting for your entry para dun sa movie contest ko ha


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