Happy Birthday, Gene!

I’ve come to know Marce Gene from Mommy Moments where both of us are participants. Gene is based in Thailand with her husband and child Hyzyd. This young mom is one of the first few bloggers who followed my original site when I was a newbie. She is a regular visitor and commenter and I really appreciate her for that. Now that she has her hands full with her teaching job and wifely duties, she still drops me a line or two to say hi.

Gene became my kumare (Marce) through our godchild Sati, the adorable daughter of Marce Pehpot.

She is celebrating her birthday today and I wish her all the good things in life. I wish to know more about you and see you personally in the near future

Happy birthday. God Bless!


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Gene!

  1. genefaith

    @Thanks Rose…

    Thanks for the greetings marce and for the gifts you have for me on my birthday..you indeed make it the BEST day of my life:)

    Hope to see you personally too:)Kahit busy ako, first priority kong mabisita kayong mga marces..have a happy day:)


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