GT: Grocery list

I have two separate shopping schedules every week. Saturday or Sunday is market day for me. I replenish raw stock including chicken, pork or beef meat, sea food, vegetables and other ingredients that would last for five days in the fridge. If I’m busy with an online/offline job and have no time to cook, I would open up canned goods or just run to our “suking carinderia” that sells sumptuous and affordable cooked meals everyday. They always save the day.



On the other hand, I do grocery shopping for hotdogs, bread, milk, etc on separate day usually on a Sunday afternoon. I get the usual stuff and as much as possible I stick within the week’s budget unless the kids went shopping with me. I follow the grocery shopping skeds if I’m not too busy, otherwise husband do the latter shopping sked for me.

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13 thoughts on “GT: Grocery list

  1. Josie

    ako yata ilang years nang di napapasok sa palengke, sa grocery nmn minsan minsan lang, kasi si hubby in-charge sa pamimili,since he left the office, mahilig kc magluto. imagine mas alam nya pa mga price kesa sa kin. hehehe..

  2. K

    gusto ko magcarinderia at tumira malapit sa inyo para yumaman na din ako. niahaha! mahal carinderia dito. kaya tiis si paulie magluto kahit tinatamad. niahaha

  3. hoshi

    ako naman po usually every payday.

    that’s because yung binibili ko naman po ay gaya ng tissue, shampoo etc. yung palengke or tungkol sa food nanay ko na bahala doon. part na yun ng intrega ko sa kanya. hehehe



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