From large to small size

If you ask me if I have known one person who was successful in losing weight, that would be my sister. She can be considered one of the weight loss success stories as far as her standards of being slim is concerned. But I think she overdid her diet. She looks so thin after she loses so much weight. She used to wear a large size school uniform when she was a college freshman, but downsize to small after a few months of dieting. I barely saw her eat at home. Our mother was really frustrated about her method of losing weight. But my sister won’t admit it even to me. Later, I discovered that she took a slimming pill which made her poop after every meal. And there’s this diet pill that made her feel full so she doesn’t feel the urge to eat.

One thought on “From large to small size

  1. Mylene

    Buti walang side effects noh? I heard meron daw prohibited drugs ung ibang diet pills. Tsaka hindi ba masakit sa tummy kasi parang laxative ung ginamit nya?

    Pero good thing, it became successful to her 🙂


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