Father’s Day

It’s easy to talk about biological fathers to those who grew up with one. I wish I can share with you how lucky I am to be blessed with a Dad or that I can shout to the whole world that I’m a daddy’s girl, which I’m not. For one, he was not happy that I came into this world. He abandoned my mom when she was conceiving. He just can’t accept the fact that the baby inside my mom will be another burden to him or add to his growing number of kids out of wedlock. Besides he really has no plan of marrying my mom. My mother never insisted. She gave birth and raised me without asking a single centavo from him. He can’t provide anyway. I grew up seeing him from afar (we’re neighbors). He can see me but he never approach or talk to me. Masakit di ba? What is more painful was that his mother, my grandmother, doesn’t like me either. She abhors my presence. How can you possibly disown you own grandchild?
I was able to finally talk casually to my father when I was in college. I forgot what it’s all about. I’m not sure he’s even sincere of talking to me….the last time I checked; I was good without a father…

It pains me to even write about this, but I have to and I want to…I’m still blessed that God has given me strength to carry on with my life…what I lack in my childhood He fills in my married life. I met the most wonderful person, a good provider, the ideal husband, a friend, and the best Dad to our children. My children are lucky they have the best Dad in the world. Sometimes I still wish I have one…

Happy Father’s Day to those who are dearly loved by their Dads.

3 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. tatess

    sad naman ako sa story mo but you are still blessed with a good mom and relatives and the most important is you a have a loving husband and father to your children.Syempre ,Torrecampo yata yan ,the best like my father and uncles.

  2. Liz

    Marce- kakalungkot naman ang story ng iyong life. Salamat sa pag join kahit masakit sa iyong dibdib ang pag tipa ng bawat letra. I cannot say, I know how you feel. But, like what you said, kung anuman ang wala ka noong childhood, nasa iyo na ngayong me asawa ka na. I know that sometimes, you still wished na you have a dad, pero sabi mo nga, you are better without one. Cheers Mare!!! love yah..


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