Common Immigration Lawyer Services

Understandably, people come from all over the world to make a better life in the United States. Whether they come to work or further their education, or they are seeking political asylum, the legal process is complex. An immigration lawyer Columbia md can help you navigate through the path to citizenship and other complications that can arise in this area. Here are some of the most common.

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Citizenship and Naturalization

The process to become a U.S. citizen involves classes, tests, and a considerable amount of paperwork. For those who are familiar with the country, but just need guidance and help filing the appropriate forms, an immigration lawyer Columbia md can be very valuable.

Work Visas and Employment

There are several different types and categories of work visas to permit immigrants to be employed in the U.S. Each comes with a battery of forms and requirements which may be difficult to interpret without professional help. An immigration lawyer Columbia md can also assist businesses who are working to hire legal immigrants or help employees reach naturalization statuses.


Political asylum is the most complicated procedure in the immigration process. If a person is fleeing their country because they are being persecuted due to their race, religion or political beliefs, they can apply for asylum in the U.S. It is not, however, as simple as showing up at the U.S. border and declaring your intentions. There are designated points where asylum-seekers must enter, and scores of regulations about what they can and cannot do while their status is being considered. Immigration lawyers work diligently to make sure their rights are upheld, and the process moves forward.

America is a nation of immigrants and a melting pot of cultures. With people arriving from all over the world every day, immigration lawyers help them legally achieve their goals and dreams.

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