Comfort food

It’s another exciting week for Girl’s Talk as participants will talk about food the whole month of April. Food that gives you that comforting feeling when you feel gloomy and food that makes you fat. Arrgh!


My comfort food is this – Coffee with two scoops of milk mixed in a large mug and small buns to go. I’m actually taking them as I’m writing this meme. I love this pair really.

Share with us your comfort food. We love to hear it. Join us at Girl’s Talk.

19 thoughts on “Comfort food

  1. jenny

    ohhhhh perfect start of th morning…. so inviting your coffee as if teasing for us to take a sip hehehhe.. happy easter girl =)

  2. RodLiz

    Every morning, I have my coffee too, wala lang pandesal dito eh, puro mga square na tasty bread, di masarap isawsaw sa kape.. Very comforting nga yan..

  3. Mylene

    Ang lakas makataba nito mommy! Two scoops of milk. Sana ung non-fat hehehe… ako din kape ang pangpakalma ko hehehe… ironic noh? kse me ampetamina ang kopi. Pero sinasanay ko na sarili ko na walang creamer para bawas calorie 😀


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