Breastfeed Your Baby

Are you a new mom? Do you know the importance of nursing your young?

Here are the basic advantages of breastfeeding to nursing moms:


  1. Gives a kind of natural immunization against several diseases.
  2. Baby will have less stomach trouble since mother’s milk is easy to digest and absorb.
  3. No problem in preparing breast milk. It is always at the right temperature and free.
  4. Helps you avoid certain risks to your own health like bleeding after birth and breast and ovarian cancer.
  5. Makes it less likely that you will become pregnant too soon.



What you should do:

  1. Breast-feed you child exclusively from birth to six months of age. This means you should give your child no other drink or food, and you should let the child feed frequently and for unrestricted periods.
  2. You can continue breast-feeding for as long as your baby wants to, that is, well into the second year of life.
  3. To increase breast milk, feed your baby often. For your own nutrition, eat a variety of foods every day. Eat more meat, fish, eggs, milk, vegetables and fruit.
  4. Start giving other foods when the baby is four to six months. The baby needs additional foods for rapid growth and development.

Source: WHO

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