Advice for students entering college

My daughter will be in college next year and I’d like her to remember some helpful tips about college life.

Stay away from “bad company” because you don’t have time to waste with people that have no intentions of learning. (Kinda harsh but this is true.)

Study but don’t over study. Read your lessons in advance to avoid cramming.

Don’t depend too much on lecturers, unlike high school the lecturers will tell you a whole lot of things. Back in high school the teachers probably paid more attention to you. It’s different in college. You will be required to do and write more research papers on difficult topics like paternity testing.

Most importantly, always eat breakfast before going to school to give your brain a head start.

3 thoughts on “Advice for students entering college

  1. hitokirihoshi

    you are correct Mommy Yam!

    Iba po talaga ang klase ng pagtuturo at paraan ng pagkatuto sa high school kumpara sa college. kailangan alam ng isang estudyante na isentro ang kanyang isipan sa kanyang pag-aaral. kasi kung temptations lang napakadami.

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