Acupuncture for minor ailments

A friend once told me that her children were slowly cured of their asthma or at least frequent attack was controlled by acupuncture when she let her kids undergo acupuncture therapy in UP. I’ve thought about this too when my children were very young and sickly. I want to know more about acupuncture and its potential to cure minor ailments. Good thing I can check Acupuncture Winsford for further reading.

2 thoughts on “Acupuncture for minor ailments

  1. Giles Watts

    I like the site you linked to, but what did your kids experience? Did it work – were they scared of needles? Was there different techniques used?
    I would be pleased to find out

    1. Yami Post author

      Hi Giles. Pardon me for the late response. My kids haven’t tried acupuncture yet, it was the children of a friend. Thanks, Giles for the visit.


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