Young fashion designer


Guess who made this sexy dress for Barbie? The kid hand sewn this tiny getup yesterday and he even took pictures of the dress with Barbie in it. He is fond of cutting and sewing tiny dresses for our dolls at home. Too bad, I wasn’t able to gather his past “creations” as they got lost in the pile of toys at home. Anyway, I have nothing against his hobby, but I don’t tolerate it either. However, if the kid really wants to pursue a career in fashion designing in the future, I will not meddle. Is there something wrong if one of the kids choose to be a fashion designer especially if he is a boy? Hubby and I have talked about the possibility of “what-ifs”. But I can’t tell him to stop or he would learn to keep things to himself or become secretive. I let him enjoy his hobby for now because I don’t want him to give me reason to buy the best anti wrinkle cream. Luckily, he is not acting “pasaway” stubborn if he doesn’t get what he wants. So, what do you think of this little dress made of an old sando shirt?

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