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There are things that I don’t like about my personal style of parenting. Sometimes I don’t impose myself on my kids especially when I’m busy in front of the computer. I tend to be relaxed to the point of neglecting them sometimes. But when I reached the point when I’m really angry (when they ignore me), I really lose my temper and end up shouting at them. I can’t say I’m not fully adjusted to being a SAHM. I’ve been out of job for three years. In that period I should have known my kids on a personal level. I know my kids, but sometimes, I feel that I should really spend more time to connect with them. Just this morning, my husband suggested that right after our project, we would treat the kids to be able to bond with them. We haven’t had any activity since our project started this month. And hubby thought our kids miss a lot (of our time) this summer. We will work on that plan soon… Now, going back to our parenting style, my husband is the person my kids look up to. I feel that they respect him more than me, it’s because he doesn’t shout at them. Hubby has his way of disciplining our kids. He talks to them a lot. Even when he’s angry, he remains calm and explains to our kids what they needed to hear. Sometimes, there is a downside to this, since he never gets angry, I mean really angry, the kids tend to abuse him. Even when he says no, the kids, especially my son, would still do what he wants. But since hubby has this unique convincing power, he still won over them. No bad words were spoken or kids hurt during the negotiation lol. Seriously, I feel like I’m a bad mom when they ignore me and they are all ears to their Daddy. 🙁

How about you what is the best parenting style that works for you?

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  1. Liz

    lagi naman ganon angmga kids dib a? parang mas nakiking sa father, kasi ang mom eh lagi na nilang nakakausap at nakakasama, parang mas at ease na sila sa atin. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t respect us. Ang mga anak ko di pwedeng di makikinig sa akin, palo ang abutin nila eheheh. kahti nandito ako sa US, talagang tsinelasin ko mga pwet nila, hehehe.

    Marce ok lang kahit di ka laging nakakadalaw, alam ko naman busy ka eh. di ako nakadalaw ng maaga, galing kaming Illinois, 4 days kaming nawala, wala rin silang internet. Hay!


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