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Wishing and hoping

I’m still praying to have another translation project this year. But I don’t hear any news from our project manager since I received my payment for the last translation job I did for her last year. I’m also expecting to be paid P2,500 or over a little $55 from a separate project from her. It’s not a big amount though, but it will surely help augment our dwindling budget at the moment. With the skyrocket prices of basic commodities, every peso and us coins count these days.

More blessing for 2011

Hubby was thankful that we were able to accomplish many of our plans including repairs for our home last year. From our little savings, hubby got a chance to construct a new concrete fence (of course with the help of  some workers) and tiled our bathroom in 2010.

We also bought a new washer to replace our 11 year old pre-owned washing machine. And to conserve a little energy, we bought this LCD television for our sala. Our next purchase list will include memory foam mattress and study table for the kids and a Sofa bed.. All our purchases were made possible by the payment for a translation project last year. Hubby and I hope that we will have another project coming for 2011.

Google Translate simplifies my job


Google Tranlate has made our translation job  easier during those four-grueling months – the period when I rant about the sleepless nights and backaches and messy house, remember? No good news to share yet.  We (hubby and I) are still waiting until next month to get paid for the “hard labor“. LOL!

Anyways, Google translate is not perfect. Sometimes it doesn’t give the exact translation of the word or phrase that we are looking for. Sometimes it is too literal. However, the hints even if they are vague (sometimes) are still useful to our home-based job.

GT is one my favorite Google services next to GMAIL.  🙂

By the way, Google celebrates its 12th birthday this year.