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Panic buying

grocery shopping

I thought people in our area were panic buying as there was a queue of costumers holding their grocery basket towards the grocery counter. It turned out that the barcode scanner connected to a tremelo pedal conked out causing the poor teller to compute each items manually using an old calculator. We lined up just the same and waited 30 minutes for our turn. Our supposed brief grocery stop ended up in almost an hour. Whew!

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Schedule for today

This is the end of the long-weekend (wish I had two more days off :)) and I plan to accomplish the following:

1. Buy some plates to replace the broken ones. The broken plates hold a lot of sentimental value because I bought them and some utility knives when hubby and I were newlyweds. I only had a few set, so the missing ones really need to be replaced by now. There are cheap dish sets that I saw online and plan to check on the nearby market to look for similar design if there are available pieces.

2. Replenish food stocks at home.

2. Visit the dentist later. I’ve been delaying this for a long time because the thought of having another tooth extraction made me really nervous.

Hope to get the job done today without any hassle. Wish me luck.  🙂