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How to make zombie makeup for the Halloween

Remember my post about my son’s request for a Halloween costume for the school play? I might really look for Awesome Halloween Costumes this time as he won’t stop bugging me until I get him what he wants. I wish I can find something at the thrift shop or the second-hand store that we regularly visit.

I’m not really sure what character my son will portray I have yet to ask him. But if he is interested I can make a personalized costume for him and still save on expenses. With old clothes from the cabinet and colorful paints that are safe for kids, I can come up with a zombie costume. I could make my son look like one too with the help of a video tutorial on how to make zombie make up. He would surely stand out, I mean look scary, if I get the right color mixture and effect that I want to create for a zombie character.

Here’s what you need if you want to create a zombie effect. Prepare the following – tissue paper, liquid latex (or the regular white school glue) and basic make-up kit. You may also want to check how the makeup is done here. Have fun, but be careful with applying glue and make-up for any allergic reaction. Do it with adult supervision just to be safe.