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GT: Work Resolutions

I’m crappy when it comes to time management. But for the sake of joining GT this week, I’m posting my work resolutions for 2011…I don’t know what will come out of this list after one year. Good luck to me then. 😉

  • Will try to manage my work and chore schedule while I can (so hubby will not be burdened with all the laundry).
  • Avoid procrastination. Complete my task on time and not cram at the last minute.
  • Start the day right with a smile and positive attitude and everything will surely fall in their right places.
  • Minimize distraction (all sorts).
  • Lastly, I can’t work and think right if I don’t get enough sleep. So, I need to sleep early!

That would be all folks. My share for GT this week. 🙂