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A drawing room at last

drawing table

Hubby converted a small corner of the house into a drawing room for our daughter. It may not appear as the great studio desk but daughter is so happy that finally she has a separate space and a drawing table where she can do all her drawing activities while at home. She decorates the wall with a large wall sticker that I bought her last June and hang a cork board to post her assignments.

Hubby just completed another DIY project for the house.

Large wall stickers

dog sticker

I bought two large wall stickers for the kids’ room two weeks ago. I’ve been looking for this since last month and glad that I found them on sale. My son already placed his stickers on his wall. My daughter on the other hand has yet to decide which part of her room to place her stickers.

dog sticker2

Wall stickers enhance your home. You can make use of your own creative style in decorating as long as they suit to the rest of the décor in your house.

wall sticker

With the popularity of wall stickers, I believe that printing companies are making a killing at printing these neat wall decors.