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Add Glam to a Wedding with a Monogram Cake Topper

The wedding cake is an imperative part of a wedding celebration. The reception is not complete without the classic cutting of the cake and the bride and groom must offer a piece of this famous dessert to one another. However, the wedding cake is known to look and taste the same as cakes from other weddings. Many brides and grooms choose standard, boring, and common cake flavors and cake toppers. The classic bride and groom cake topper is nice, but a couple should really try and incorporate a bit of creativity and style to their wedding. There are many different ways to do this!

Some couples prefer a classic look to their overall wedding. This applies to the wedding cake, as well. There is nothing wrong with having a classic wedding with standard white decor and a lot of elegance. Although a couple has chosen the classic white theme, creativity and unique accessories can still be added. The wedding cake can also have some style added with the use of rhinestone banding. Most wedding cake decorators use white fondant to wrap the cake’s exterior. This fondant offers a smooth texture, almost like a blank canvas. Brides and grooms can choose to incorporate a bit of color onto this fondant, or they can leave it basic white. Then, different accessories like flowers can be added to the top or sides. A banding is an excellent way to include a bit of glitz and glam to an ordinary, white wedding cake. The crystal banding is available in all rhinestone shapes and sizes. It can be one solid row of sparkling rhinestones of a thicker row with up to 10 sparkling stones. The bands can be wrapped around each tier of the wedding cake. They are even easy to remove and save for a wedding scrapbook. Plus, they are inexpensive. This small detail is nothing compared to some other details of the wedding, but it adds tremendous style!

Once the basic look of the wedding cake is complete, a bride and groom should decide if they want a cake topper. Some couples choose to go with the standard bride and groom statues, but this is used too much in weddings today. A monogram cake topper is an excellent alternative. It adds a bit of romance considering the initials are of the new couple’s last name. It is also fun and whimsical which is a look many couples are after. The monograms can be ordered in any font and initial that the couple chooses. They are also available in different materials such as Swarovski crystal, metal, and basic rhinestones. Every bride loves to show of her new last name so using one of these cake toppers is a great way to do so!