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Busy days ahead

Remember my post about an online job that is supposed to start next month? My former officemate who tap our assistance is requesting hubby and I to familiarize ourselves with the translation program that we will be using for the project. We hope to get the hang of the intricate instructions before the project arrives. This is going to be one tough job because we are expecting long hours of work and sleepless night here. However, my officemate has assured us that all our efforts will be compensated well because this project is long-term and big budgeted. We are excited about this job and at this point we should be physically fit to keep up with the demand of the new opportunity. Should we start stocking up on multi-vitamins? How about a remedy for dark circles under eye? I don’t want to look like a zombie for not getting enough sleep lol. Seriously speaking, we are thankful for this blessing. Keep them coming. 🙂