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Scorching heat

We are using two electric fans at home but they don’t help eliminate the scorching heat that we are experiencing from high noon onwards. The additional fan adds to our power consumption which also means additional power charges and burden to our pocket. To address the problem, we are considering buying Minka Aire fans to conserve energy and save money.
FANHubby said we should have installed ceiling fans before. Ceiling fans have more benefits compared to their conventional counterparts (stand fan and desk fan). They are space saver; at least 4 degrees cooler; dissuade flying pests from entering the house especially the kitchen area; if use in colder months, the moving air from ceiling fan helps distributes the warm air coming from the heat stove; and the power consumption it generates is lower as compared to air conditioner. So don’t you think having ceiling fans at home is a practical solution to beat the summer heat and conserve energy as well?