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We Are Vaccinated!

Have you had your Covid19 vaccine yet? I hope you did. Getting vaccinated the soonest possible time protects yourself and the people around you.

Covid19 vaccines will give you an extra layer of protection against the severe effects of the virus.

Taken at a vaccination site inside a mall in Quezon City

My family was able to register with the LGU-supported registration site online. We finally got our doses separately a few weeks later.

Hubby, myself, and our daughter are fully vaccinated now. Our son will have his second dose a few days from now. I’m glad that we were allowed to get the vaccine at the right time. Many are still waiting for their vaccine schedule in our area.

Taken inside a public school in Quezon City

Three of us are on the priority list being in the A3 category or those with comorbidities. Health experts said Covid19 vaccines prevent possible hospitalization and emergency room visits due to severe illness.

As for the vaccine side effects, what we experienced were all the common ones. These include pain at the injection site, mild fever (for me), the feeling of weakness or fatigue, and headaches for a couple of days.

Get the available Covid19 vaccine if you are not vaccinated yet. Protect yourself, the people you care about, and those you meet outside your homes.

Even when you are vaccinated, health experts remind the public to observe the minimum health protocol. Wash your hands frequently, wear a face mask, practice social distancing in public or crowded places.

Here at home, we wear face masks when we do not feel well. We do not know what afflicts us, so we wear face masks to be safe. We do not eat together, keep our distance when talking to each other. And we sleep in separate rooms.

Late post: We beat the voters’ deadline for registration


We were able to beat the deadline for Comelec registration last October 31. Hubby and I are like new voters next year since we weren’t able to vote for several elections in the past. We registered and took our biometrics at the Quezon City Hall braving the long lines and heat of the sun.

Checking on the criteria we have here, we can now choose the candidates that deserve our votes. Have you decided whom to vote for the May 2016 elections? Who is your bet?

Voter registration schedule in malls

edit cartoon 6-20-15 (1)

Image credit: N for People’s Tonight (June 20, 2015 issue)

Having the voters’ registration in malls is the best move yet the government has done to hasten registration process and encourage more first time voters to register for the 2016 elections. The Commission on Elections has teamed up with malls in Metro Manila to make this one big program possible. Since the registration will be during mall hours, shoppers will have the opportunity to do everything while inside the mall. They can pay the bills, do some shopping for musicians friend bass amp, grocery shopping, or watch a movie after registration. Sounds very convenient to me. Ours is scheduled this weekend in Trinoma Mall. Voters registration is ongoing until October 31, from Sunday to Friday.

Check your schedule here: